Himachal Pradesh bans tourists

India is a country marking the great thing about Asia's continent. Tourists are attracted by the traveller destination. This country is known for its variety of cultural and geographical features which fascinate each tourist. The people who're fans of flora and fauna will find attractions in wildlife the sanctuaries and parks. Adventure fans will not be let down to India during their trip with mountains and sun drenched beaches India shows with different pursuits that were delightful as the ideal holiday destination. There are reasons for the tourists. Some of the states of India Which Are known for their tourism are Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttranchal, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. 

Himachal Pradesh ban tourists

The Himachal Pradesh government banned the entry of domestic and foreign tourists till further orders to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Invoking Clause 3 of HP Epidemic Disease Regulation, 2020, a spokesperson for the government said, the decision has been taken in view of the rising number of coronavirus cases in the neighbouring states.

The state has already closed all schools and other academic institutions till August 15 Besides, places of religious worship have also been closed and advisories are being issued to public to avoid non-essential travel and assembling in large gatherings.
Himachal's main source of revenue is tourism. Hence, banning tourists will impact the livelihood of people and ultimately, the state's economy.

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